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Indian Defence Forces

Welcome to the Indian Defence, the Security Academy, proudly serving since 1950 for India. With more than seven decades of excellence, we are the best training academy choice for comprehensive security training solutions. Our time-tested expertise ensures top-notch instruction in security guard training, threat assessment, and more. Join us to elevate your skills and join the ranks of elite security professionals.

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Indian Defence is a security organization that provides security to people, corporates, and others.

Indian Defence is a security organization that provides security to people, corporates, and others. Indian defense provides security of many types some of them are IDSF, ISF, ICS, ICSO, INS, IEHS, and IRRF. we believe in our strong commitment to providing the best security. We do not only provide security to an individual or an organization we are always there to stand for our country as a quick-response team.

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Our Vision

Providing Advanced Technology and Physical Security to Indian Organisations

As a leading provider of security solutions in India, our vision is to enhance the safety and security of organisations nationwide. We offer cutting-edge technology and physical security services to meet the specific needs of our clients.With our comprehensive approach to security solutions.

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Indian Defence


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Thinking of your career in Defence. Don’t worry contact us today and give a boost to your career. We offer a wide range of opportunities for everyone. Contact us today and fly high with your dream.



Security Forces

indian Defence Security Forces

indian Defence Security Forces

The Indian Defence Security Forces provide a range of services to organisations, including risk assessment, physical security, and cybersecurity

Indian Security Forces(ISF)

Indian Security Forces(ISF)

Indian Defence is a Non-Government organization that has been playing a crucial role in providing security services to individuals.

Tech Securities

Indian Cyber Security Officer(ICSO)

Indian Cyber Security Officer(ICSO)

An Indian Cyber Security Officer is a professional who is hired by Indian Defence to provide cyber security..

Indian Cyber Security(ICS)

Indian Cyber Security(ICS)

Indian cyber security personnel provided by the Indian defence are crucial to cyber security in India

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Indian Defence is a great organisation to consider for your future growth, We work with the industry's best professionals and provide the best quality Services. Don’t think twice contact us today.

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